Trainee Engagement Forum

*** Calling all trainees ***

We are currently looking at the Trainee Engagement Forum as a whole and are conscious that TEF isn’t currently an efficient way for trainees to communicate with the deanery team.

We look to have a new system in place very soon but for now, we have made the decision to cancel all future Trainee Engagement Forums.

If you have any concerns that you would usually bring to TEF, please email them to Charlotte Wyeth,

A new trainee engagement forum has been established with the aim to help ensure quality of education and training in KSS.

We want to hear from you regarding any training issues and ideas of how to make the best of our training opportunities.

Our forum is supported by the PGME Senior Team for the KSS local office, who are keen to hear from you and help to support and instigate positive change.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be an advocate for fellow trainees and influence the future delivery of training throughout the Deanery footprint.

Please contact Charlotte on or the KSS TEF team on if you are interested or require further information.

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Minutes – 15th December 2022