Welcome to the Kent, Surrey & Sussex (KSS) Quality team’s webpage. The KSS Quality team work to ensure there are high-quality clinical learning environments for all healthcare learners, primarily within NHS trusts and primary care, across KSS, ultimately aiming to support the delivery of high-quality patient care.

Professor Jo Szram is the Responsible Officer as Kent, Surrey and Sussex Postgraduate Dean for NHSE South East. Debbie Robertson, Head of Quality, is responsible for the Quality team for KSS.

For more information about the KSS Quality team and their work please visit the web pages found on the right-hand side menu.

Raising quality concerns


Escalating concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our focus remains on the quality of the clinical learning environment and its impact on the safety of learners and patients. We recognise the need for all healthcare learners and healthcare educators to be able to raise and then escalate concerns if they feel either their own or patient safety is at risk.

The Escalating Concerns process is in place to allow reporting of any significant concerns which have not been satisfactorily resolved locally. The process outlines the steps which healthcare learners should take in order to raise concerns about their clinical learning environment – the escalating concerns process can be found here.

In the case of significant or urgent concerns which have not been possible to resolve using local or usual routes, healthcare learners can contact the KSS Quality team directly via england.escalatingconcerns.kssquality@nhs.net

This email inbox will be monitored daily (Monday – Friday during office hours) and should only be used where local resolution has not been possible.

GMC Resources for tackling racism in the workplace

The resources are available via https://www.gmc-uk.org/ethical-guidance/ethical-hub/racism-in-the-workplace

Contact us

As we are currently developing our webpages, we ask that if you have any queries or suggestions, please contact the Quality team directly at england.kssquality@nhs.net

For queries related to Primary Care Quality (for example GP Educator approvals), please contact england.ksspc.educationquality@nhs.net.

Please note the functions provided by the Healthcare Education Team (HET) will continue to be provided by NHSE London and South East (LaSE) team. You can visit the FAQ support portal webpage or contact them directly at england.hetbusinesssupport.lase@nhs.net