Professional Support Unit

The Professional Support Unit (PSU) provides a shared service of expert resources to support the professional development of clinicians in Kent, Surrey & Sussex (KSS) and London.

Who can access the PSU?

Healthcare professionals within KSS and London, specifically:

  • Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists who hold a London or KSS training number (Foundation years until CCT) 
  • Healthcare professionals between Bands 5 – 8 in a recognised training scheme (e.g. nurse preceptorship or development for more specialised clinical roles)
  • Pharmacists in training, specifically:
    • Pre-registration Pharmacists (1yr post-degree programme in Trusts)
    • Pharmacy Technicians (2 year programme employed by Trusts)
    • Foundation Pharmacists (2 years post registration)
    • Clinical Pharmacists undertaking the 18 month General Practice Pharmacist training pathway as part of the NHS England pilot
  • Doctors who have passed entry requirements and have been offered a placement on one of the following workforce schemes:
    • Induction & Refresher (I&R) scheme
    • Retainer scheme
    • International GP Recruitment scheme (IGPR)
    • Clinical Apprenticeship Placement scheme (CAPS)

How to access the PSU support?

Access to the PSU is by self-referral. The tabs at the top of this page provide information about the services provided by the PSU, including contact and application details. Alternatively, if you are unsure what services would be useful to you or you would like to access multiple services, please complete the following online application form.

To find out more about the PSU, please visit the PSU webpage hosted on the London Deanery website.

Questions and queries?

If you cannot find the answer to your question on these webpages and wish to speak to a PSU Coordinator please email but please note that:

  • for contract-related matters please first discuss issues with your line manager or employer (GP LEO for GP trainees or Trust HR department for all other trainees)
  • for physical health-related problems, please also consult your GP or your local Trust’s Occupational Health Department
  • for questions regarding your rotation, please liaise with the HET team or your Training Programme Director