This webpage will signpost you to the relevant recruitment offices to receive recruitment and selection information and guidance.

UK Foundation Programme Office

The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) manages the national application process for the foundation programme.

To find out more, visit the UKFPO website.

Specialty Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection

The Specialty Recruitment and Selection team delivers the national recruitment and selection process for specialty training. Moreover, the team provides information on recruitment timelines and application guidance.

To access this support, visit the Specialty Training Recruitment and Selection website.

GP National Recruitment Office

The GP National Recruitment Office is responsible for coordinating the nationally agreed and quality assured process for recruitment to GP Specialty Training (ST1) Programmes. The Office assists local deaneries to deliver a recruitment and selection process that is reliable, valid, and fair.

To find out more, visit the GP National Recruitment Office website.

Pharmacy National Recruitment Office 

The Pharmacy National Recruitment Office (PNRO) manages the recruitment into Pre-Registration Pharmacist training programmes for hospital training programmes and community training programmes that have opted into the process.

Visit the London and South East Pharmacy website to find out more.

Please note, the KSS Pre-Registration Pharmacist in recruitment is coordinated by the London and KSS Pharmacy team. For more information, visit the London and KSS Pharmacy website.

If you are looking for information about community pharmacy programmes, please go directly to websites listed under each programme on the Oriel website.

National School of Healthcare Science

The National School of Healthcare Science is responsible for the annual national recruitment of Healthcare Scientists. To find out more about the training programmes available, visit the National School of Healthcare Science website or email