Supported Return to Training (SuppoRRT)


The Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) programme aims to support all trainees to safely and confidently return to training after a sustained period of absence. The programme applies to all trainees absent for three months or more, regardless of the reason. Those absent for a shorter period may also opt in.

As returning trainees are a diverse group, SuppoRTT aims to provide a bespoke, individualised package for each returning trainee, rather than a single “one size fits all” approach. This consists of:

  • a structured and systematic process for planning absence and return to training, and maintaining contact while on leave
  • a menu of options that can be built into an individualised return-to-training package, agreed between a trainee and their educational supervisor

Please contact the SuppoRRT programme manager at if you have any questions or need further information.

How can you apply?

1. Fill out a pre-absence form with your supervisor (this can be TPD, ES, college tutor, etc). This will guide your conversation around how to keep in contact while out of training and what resources you think you might need on your return.

2. Before your return fill out the pre-return form with your supervisor. This will enable you to:

  • guide a conversation to highlight any support you might need, such as supervised clinical sessions, shadowing arrangements, refresher courses and coaching
  • request supervised clinical sessions and shadowing arrangements, which must be agreed with your Head of School, Dean, Deputy Dean or Training Programme Director prior to completing the form
  • share you plans with HR/medical staffing teams

3. All trainees should meet with their Educational Supervisor (ES) as soon as possible after returning to work and complete a Follow-up Form.

Once you have completed a pre-return application make sure you have completed the SRTT course claims process for reimbursement.

Supported return to training course fee reimbursement process  

i) Once your pre-return form is approved by the SuppoRTT team you will receive an approval email, you must then complete a study leave form which is available at your trust – use the code SRTT0001 to list the approved SuppoRTT course title and fee.

ii) Your course fee reimbursement claim will then be processed.

iii) Your trust will reimburse you for the courses that have been correctly approved by SuppoRTT.

  • SuppoRTT trainees applying for other study leave courses should apply for these using the standard study leave procedures.

3. Consider any courses you need to attend while you are out of training. Please be aware that:

  • if, when completing your return to work form with your supervisor, you identify a course not currently accessible through your study budget, SRTT may be able to provide funding – a full list of courses covered by the study budget can be found on the PGMDE Support Portal
  • if the course is covered by the study budget but you cannot access the study budget funding (e.g. if you are on an OOPC, OOPE or OOPR), SRTT may be able to provide funding

When you and your supervisor are happy that you don’t need any further support you can sign off the final return to training form.

Other SuppoRRT resources and support

Trainee workshops: (if you click on the links you’ll see the different workshop titles)

Support with enhancing performance and staying well :

(Also included here are topics such as managing Professional Boundaries, Complaints, Probity & Ethics)

Support with neurodivergence:

Support with career planning & transitions:

Other workshops including communication skills session, V space groups for those returning to practice and others:

LEEP leadership workshops available via HEE (not through PSU):

For further information anyone interested can email:

Faculty Development for supervisors workshops:


Just a note that PSU islso working on two upcoming course which should be added to our website in the next couple of weeks.

– one on training trainees to set up and facilitate Peer Support Groups 

– one as a regular weekly facilitated International Graduate support group (alongside the existing monthly drop in IMG group on the first Thursday of every month)


If you have any further queries with regards to the SuppoRTT packages available, please contact or your local SuppoRTT Champions (see below).

KSS local SuppoRTT champions

If you are a GP trainee please visit the GP SuppoRTT webpage.

The below provides the details for the SuppoRTT leads in local education providers (NHS Trusts):

Ashford & St. Peters Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Anneliese Lawn or

Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust

 Urmila Singh

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

 Jalal Maryosh

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust 

 Ratan Alexander

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Tian Huang

Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership

Ivana Pristicova

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Emma Townsend

Medway NHS Foundation Trust

Ginny Bowbrick

Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

Emma Glasgow

Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Kathleen Potter

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust

Aaron Vallance

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Heather Haynes

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Liza Neville

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 

Kristina Antonova

University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

Mary Campbell

Sam Vaughan

Kate Solan

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

 Mary Campbell

Last updated 23/06/2022