Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)


The ARCP process is conducted in accordance with the current version of The Gold Guide and takes place when a panel review the evidence of a trainee, and an outcome is decided following a discussion amongst the panel. The panel may include the Training Programme Director (TPD), Head of School (HoS), other members of the relevant training committee, the Specialty Programme Manager and Coordinator, and may include an external lay advisor.

To find out about specific ARCP processes and read the KSS FAQs, visit the Support Portal ARCP webpage.

HEE COVID-19 updates & national guidance on ARCPs

In recognition of COVID-19, changes have been made to ARCP outcomes to enable as many doctors in training to progress in their careers, in circumstances where doctors have been unable to demonstrate the required competences or to sit a time-critical exam due to the COVID-19. To keep up to date with national guidance on ARCPS, visit the HEE COVID-19 information for trainees’ webpage.

Specialty specific ARCPs

To find out about specialty specific ARCPs, visit the specialty college or faculty websites that provide further information about ARCPs, and the decision aids specific to trainees schools.

Below is a list of relevant webpages for each specialty school in KSS: