Sessional Doctor Learning Support Groups (SDLSG)

Sessional Doctor Learning Support Groups (SDLSG) are expected to offer a structure for peer support for sessional GPs.

These groups are expected to be dynamic as professional roles and responsibilities change. SDLSG provide continuing education for GPs working in general practice and maintain links with the Training Hub and all relevant parties including Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).  

SDLSG objectives: 

  • Opportunities for joint learning across professional boundaries;
  • opportunities to develop skills and share good practice in managing complex patients with long term conditions;
  • opportunities to develop and share quality improvement projects to enhance patient care;
  • opportunities to learn through significant event analysis;
  • opportunities to develop peer support and review;
  • support for professional appraisal and regulatory processes.

Sessional Doctor Learning Support Groups across Kent, Surrey and Sussex