Clinical Learning Environments and Triggered Quality Assessments

Clinical Learning Environments

Health Education England (HEE) is responsible for the quality assurance of education and training of healthcare learners in England. The Training Hubs have quality management of the clinical learning environment (CLE) within their remit. The CLE (for example, a Primary Care Network) has the responsibility of quality control.

Our new process allows the approval and formative support of multiple sites as a learning environment (e.g. across one Primary Care Network). By applying a multi-professional approach, it gives the opportunity for the learning environment to be accredited for all the learners it hosts in a single process.

The Clinical Learning Environment does not include the approval of General Practice (GP) Supervisors, which will remain the responsibility of the GP School. The Clinical Learning Environment approval process will be undertaken by the Training Hubs and co-ordinated by the Quality Team.

Triggered Quality Assessments

Triggered quality assessments (TQA) are done when there is a concern about a supervisor or the quality or safety of a clinical learning environment (CLE). Examples of triggers are an ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ overall CQC rating, or a breakdown in supervisor/learner relationship.

A summary of the TQA conversation, any actions and/or recommendations are recorded on a template.