Return to Practice (RtP) and International Induction Programme (IIP)

Primary Care Department, working across Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS), supports the Return to Practice scheme and International Induction Programme locally in conjunction with HEEs National Recruitment Office (NRO).

The Return to Practice (RtP) programme provides a safe, supported pathway for qualified GPs wishing to return to NHS General Practice after an absence.

Application process

The application and assessment processes are managed centrally through the NRO.

If you live in or near Kent, Surrey and Sussex and would like to complete your GP placement within our footprint, NHSE WT&E wishes to support you. Once you have applied through the national website, our local office will receive your details.

Once NHSE WT&E receives an application, the individual will be contacted by a senior Educator (usually the Patch Associate GP Dean) to arrange an interview to discuss their situation and educational requirements from the scheme. At this stage, individuals will be asked for their preferred geographical area for the GP placement.

Further information on the RTP/IIP scheme

When considering the placement, there is no need for applicants to directly contact practices, but if you have had discussions with a practice, it is helpful to know this.

NHSE WT&E will always consider a doctor’s preference in placement location, however the Educator network hosts a variety of learners. GP Training Programme Directors consider best how to distribute learners throughout the KSS network, and make best use of the local capacity. For this reason, there is no guarantee that requests can be accommodated.

Once a doctor has completed the required assessments to commence the RtP/IIP scheme, NHS WT&E will contact potential training practices to find a suitable post for them. During the GP placement, there will be educational activities within the practice and the local postgraduate centre. Further information about local education events can be obtained from GP tutors. Additionally, some Training Hubs run protected learning events.