HEE SE Primary Care Interprofessional Educational Leadership Fellowship

Are you a leader? (Aren’t we all?)
Do you love education?
This fellowship is just what you are looking for.

Designed and delivered by experts in the field, based on grassroots feedback and the lived experience, this is a pioneering interprofessional (yes – that is all professions in primary care, clinical and non-clinical – you need to be a passionate educational leader of the future) development opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

Led by the KSS and TVW Primary Care Schools, each ICS Primary Care Training Hub will be supported to recruit individuals from their systems for this irresistible fellowship. Submit your application now, whilst spaces are still available, to explore new and innovative approaches for sustainable organisational development in PCNs.

This one-year developmental post benefits from a postgraduate academic qualification, a series of exceptional masterclasses, an introduction to the use of simulation in delivering education, and an interprofessional approach to teaching, learning and mentoring.

Please refer to the Fellowship Summary for further information. Recruitment is being completed by local ICS Primary Care Training Hubs throughout July 2022.


Please contact the KSS Primary Care School