Academic System Leadership GP Fellowships

HEE Kent, Surrey and Sussex have developed Academic System Leadership GP Fellowships to support GPs to become leaders in the future. The programme is run by the eight Locality Training Hubs across KSS. Thus the Training Hubs work with local GP practices and other providers to develop GP Fellowships based on local population and workforce needs.

GP Fellowships programme

The programme offers GPs an opportunity to combine a clinical role with funded professional development. Consequently, they may develop:

  • New and innovative service models which impact and improve population health.
  • Ways to use skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm for primary care outside of the traditional practice boundaries.
  • New knowledge, skills, and competences. For example, in critical appraisal, leadership and the use of quality improvement techniques.
  • An increased understanding of system leadership, and clinical skills and knowledge related to population health.

GP Fellowships options

The programme is intended to be flexible. Hence the following options are available.

GP Based GP Fellowships are based mainly in a general practice or primary care setting. The GP Fellowship should usually include a minimum of four clinical sessions per week, and two sessions of professional development per week. The GP Fellow will study a formal academic qualification.

An Integrated GP Fellowship gives the opportunity to develop across wider systems. This will usually include

  • A minimum of four clinical sessions in general practice.
  • A minimum of two sessions in another clinical / non clinical / educational / management / commissioning sphere of work.
  • Two sessions of professional development time per week.

Integrated GP Fellowship with Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) – HEE KSS has developed a model Integrated GP Fellowship with colleagues in London and CCCU. It includes:

  • 3-4 sessions in GP.
  • 3-4 sessions in either: emergency / urgent care, frailty or surviving cancer.
  • Postgraduate certificate in Healthcare Practice.
  • Clinical masterclass series aligned to the three clinical areas above.

Integrated GP Fellowship with University of Kent (UoK) – HEE KSS and UoK have developed a research orientated programme and this would be suitable for those pursuing interests in service commissioning and quality improvement.

Eligibility in 2022-23

GP Fellows can be within the first five years of achieving their CCT, hold a license to practice and have undertaken sufficient clinical work and attended NHS appraisals to maintain their registration on the National Performer List within the two years prior to application for the scheme.

While we encourage GPs who have recently qualified to apply, this year’s GP Fellowships encourage applications from mid-career GPs and those seeking portfolio working in later careers.

Applicants should demonstrate at interview how they see the GP Fellowship sustaining their future commitment to front line local General Practice, and local strategic priorities. Therefore, this will include supporting areas of deprivation in their areas’ GP recruitment and retention.

How to apply

To express interest or to apply, please contact your local Training Hub team.