KSS SFP Programme Infectious Diseases

Academic Foundation Programme Job Description 

Programme 3 – Infectious Diseases – based at BSMS/RSCH 

Reference:  2024BSMS/03 

Type of programme: Research 
Employing trust:  University Hospitals Sussex NHS Trust 
Academic placement based at:  Royal Sussex County Hospital 
Brief outline of department  

Infectious diseases is a major academic theme at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Among the clinical academics, Professor Newport is head of the Department of Global Health which supports a number of research projects suitable for FY2 academic trainees offering experience in a range of disciplines (e.g. epidemiology, lab-based genetics and immunology) and topics (global anti-microbial resistance, tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, neglected tropical diseases, non- communicable diseases in low-income settings). BSMS is a Wellcome Trust Centre for Global Health Research and we have good links with centres in Africa (e.g. Zambia, Ethiopia). 

Within this department, Professor Llewelyn works on clinical and immunological assessment of patients with healthcare-associated infections such as Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile. He is working with the modernising medical microbiology consortium (www.modmedmicro.ac.uk) to use microbial whole genome sequencing to study transmission and pathogenicity of these organisms and with the UK Clinical Infection Research Group to undertake a multicenter Randomised Controlled Trial of rifampicin in the management of S. aureus bacteraemia (www.ukcirg.co.uk). 
Structure of academic project/what expected 

In the past we have found the most successful approach for our SFP trainees is to develop a specific project within one of these areas considering the trainees interests and aptitudes. Such a project may be patient focused or lab-based (microbiology, immunology or genetics). The successful appointee should contact Prof Llewelyn or Prof Newport to discuss the post as soon as possible after appointment. 
Academic Leads: Prof Martin Llewelyn – m.j.llewelyn@bsms.ac.uk 
Prof Melanie Newport – m.j.newport@bsms.ac.uk 
www.bsms.ac.uk/research/our-research/infection-immunology for further information.