KSS SFP Programme Paediatrics

Academic Foundation Programme Job Description 

Programme 9 – Paediatrics – based at BSMS/RACH 

Reference:  2024BSMS/09 

Type of programme  Research – Paediatrics at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital 
Employing trust:  University Hospitals Sussex NHS Trust 
Academic placement based at:  Royal Sussex County Hospital 
Brief outline of department  

Dr Katy Fidler (senior lecturer) leads research on predictive factors for paediatric infections. She collaborates with academics in London, and with Professor Mukhopadhyay and Professor Heike Rabe for work on several cohorts (e.g. BREATHE, Go-CHILD). Dr, Christina Jones (lecturer) has a particular interest in behavioural aspects of clinical management of disease and is closely involved with paediatric clinical trials run by the department.  

The study of gene-environment (including pharmacogenetic) interactions that influence asthma and allergy phenotype in childhood constitutes an important area of investigation. The line of research has resulted in the identification of several novel pathways of likely clinical importance in children’s asthma. A number of randomized controlled trials are currently in progress, aiming to translate the findings to clinical practice, as part of the introduction of the principles of personalized medicine to the field of children’s asthma and allergy. The foundation year trainee will be encouraged to develop one of these angles of investigation through close working with colleagues already involved in one of these areas of research.  

A 6 million euro EU FP7 programme grant led by Professor Heike Rabe, Reader, BSMS, explores novel angles for neonatal cardiovascular treatments and there are multiple opportunities for developing a research project working within this programme. 
Structure of academic project/what expected  

There are opportunities for training in research methodology within the two universities as appropriate for the research plan for the trainee. 
Academic Lead:  

Professor Mukhopadhyay