Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP)

All applicants must apply for the two-year Foundation programme through the national FP vacancy on Oriel

Please note: Unfortunately due to service reconfigurations, the FPPs on offer at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust have changed since the Oriel publication deadline and therefore differs from what is shown on this KSS website and in the KSS FPP prospectus. All information in the KSS FPP Prospectus, and the link below is correct at time of press and should be used when preferencing FPPs for 2023/24. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Please contact KSS Foundation Recruitment for further information.

Foundation Priority Programmes can be found here

Foundation Priority Programme Prospectus

Please note that the London Foundation School will be managing all 2023 recruitment to Foundation priority Programmes in KSS

Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP) have been developed to support specific areas of the UK that have historically found it difficult to attract and retain doctors through the foundation and specialty recruitment processes. The main aim is to maximise the opportunity for applicants who wish to be located in less popular areas and therefore improve supply for specialty training and beyond and sometimes offer a range of incentives.

As part of this process, applicants will have the opportunity to rank individual priority programmes that have been determined by a specific location as part of the application form and prior to national allocation to FP. Successful applicants will be offered specific programmes prior to national allocation to foundation schools.

For the Foundation Priority Programmes Recruitment Timeline Please refer to the UKFPO website.

The London Foundation School website contains detailed information about programmes, policies, processes, and timelines.  You may access the website at the following address; London Medical Training

For more information, please contact the London recruitment team via the applicant support portal

Please refer to the national UKFPO published guidance on the UKFPO website for more detailed information.