KSS SFP Programme Oncology

Academic/Research Oncology/Cardiovascular Medicine 

The aim is to introduce Foundation doctors to Academic Medicine, in order to encourage individuals to undertake research training and consider a clinical academic career. 
Employing trust:    Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust 

Academic placement based at:  Maidstone Hospital 
Programme Reference 
2425/KMMS/10, 2425/KMMS/11, 2425/KMMS/12 
Brief outline of department:  We have a large regional Oncology Centre which has an established research portfolio and a newly developing Cardiovascular Unit.  You will be able to take part in research in one or both, supported by our specialist research team and senior consultants/lecturers. 
Structure of project/what is expected  

Foundation doctors will undertake a four-month specialist research placement in F2 as part of a two-year Foundation Programme. The F1 programme is as standard, though you may be asked to consider your research options and attend some study dates. 

 You will work alongside an established research team in either oncology or cardiovascular sciences, taking part in all aspects of clinical research and learning about the processes involved in setting up a research project.  You will be expected to present your work at regional meetings and at a national conference if appropriate. Although the research component is 4 months of the two year programme you will be expected to engage with the research unit from the start and will have a supervisor assigned so that you can start to develop any ideas/interested that would help with the research placement and allow you to start that seamlessly.  

Maidstone Hospital is the main Haematology/Oncology Centre for Kent and has a thriving and established research department supported by a team of nurses.  

The Cardiovascular and Stroke units are developing research opportunities in a very busy DGH setting and you will have the opportunity to take part in setting up of new trials as well as data handling and presentation of ongoing research.    
Clinical commitments during academic placement  

There is no minimum clinical commitment but you will take part in the clinical workload of the department to facilitate your research project, for instance to identify patients for studies, usual working hours will be 9-5 Monday to Friday.  There is no formal rota commitment for the 4 month research period but you will have the opportunity to join the medical/ surgical rota bank if appropriate.   

You will take part in departmental research and will be supported in setting up your own project, there will be support during your FY1 general year to start thinking about the project in the FY2 year and begin preparation. We would expect you to aim to present your project and to write up suitable co pine yes for publication if appropriate.   
Departmental academic teaching programme

There is dedicated FY2 teaching programme on Thursday in Maidstone. You will be expected to help with the teaching of FY1s and medical students as appropriate. 
Academic Lead:  Ms Karina Cox (Consultant Breast Surgeon, Research Lead)