F2 Stand-alone

The UK Foundation Programme Office annually recruit doctors who hold or are eligible for full registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) to work in recognised F2 Stand-alone training programmes as part of the UK Foundation Programme. Applicants are invited to apply for F2 level posts across the four nations of the UK.

F2 Stand-alone doctors will have the opportunity to gain experience in a series of placements in a variety of specialties and healthcare settings and will be offered the same educational resources and teaching opportunities as F2 doctors on two-year programmes.

KSS F2 Stand-alone Clinical Programmes for 2024/25

The clinical rotations for the 1-year F2 Standalone programmes can be downloaded below in an Excel spreadsheet. The same programmes can be found on the Oriel recruitment system.

F2 Standalone programmes

For further national recruitment timelines and applicant guidance, please look at the UKFPO link below: https://foundationprogramme.nhs.uk/programmes/f2-stand-alone/

If you have any queries regarding KSS F2 Standalone please email the KSS F2 team on: england.kssfoundationyear2.se@nhs.net