FDs On Community Rotas

GP Placement

A GP placement in F2 introduces foundation doctors to work in primary care and to a range of skills that are transferable to a career in any speciality. General Practice enhances generic and clinical skills for any future career. 

Aims of GP Placement 

General Practice placements in the Foundation Programme provide F2 doctors with: 

  • An enhanced understanding and ability to operate across the primary/secondary care interface efficiently 
  • An appreciation of the roles of each agency in the extended primary care team and how they all fit together to provide an integrated service to patients 
  • An understanding of the implications of illness for the individual, the family, the community, and the employer 
  • The development of personal life-long learning skills 


The employing trust will liaise with the local GP patch office to allocate foundation doctors to a GP practice. KSS School of General Practice approves all practices taking F2 doctors as suitable for training. Please see the GP School contact page for further information. 

A much more extensive Foundation Year 2 Doctor to General Practice document can be found here.