F2 Swaps

Information and guidance relating to the KSS F2 Swaps procedure will be uploaded as soon as this is available. 

F2 Swaps FAQs 

I am a current F1 or F2 Doctor and I want to swap a placement this academic year. Am I able to do so? 

Unfortunately, swaps can only be agreed during the Swaps Window, not at other times or for F1 placements. 

Why can I not swap my F1 placements? 

We believe that it is important for an F1 doctor to settle into their training before deciding to swap the content of their programme. In addition, we are only able to run one window to facilitate swapping and so offer this halfway through your F1 year.  

If my application to swap is rejected, can I appeal? 

No, you can ask for the rationale but the Foundation School Director’s decision is final. 

Do both applicants need to apply to swap? 

No, you can identify a lead applicant and we will notify both of you of the outcome. It is however essential that both of you have registered and agreed to the swap. 

What is the difference between Local Swaps and Swap Shop 

Local swaps are for doctors who wish to swap one or more F2 placements with another foundation doctor within the same F2 Trust. You do not need to register for Swap Shop to submit a local swap, just complete a Local Swap form. 

Swap Shop is for foundation doctors who wish to swap their whole F2 programme with another doctor. The programme swapped doesn’t necessarily need to be within the same Trust but needs to remain within the KSS Foundation School. You must register for Swap Shop AND submit an application.  

Can doctors on SFPs apply for Local Swaps or Swap Shop?

If you have been allocated to a specialised programme you are not eligible to enter into Swap Shop but may apply for a Local Swap. Should you apply for a local swap you may only swap your clinical placements.  

 Can Military Doctors apply for Local Swaps or Swap Shop? 

No. Military placements have specific requirements set out by the Defence Deanery which means they cannot be included in the Swap process.  

I have registered but my colleague has not; can we apply to swap? 

All doctors wishing to take part in the Swap Shop must be registered. If one doctor is registered and the other isn’t then the swap application will be declined.