Change in Exceptional Circumstances

If you are due to start FY1 in August 2024, or are a current trainee due to start FY2 in August 2024, and you have experienced an exceptional change in circumstances since you applied to the foundation training programme which affects your ability to complete training in your current location, you will have the opportunity to apply to move Foundation Programmes with Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

We are only able to consider an exceptional change in circumstances that can be evidenced and will not consider any requests for programme swaps between doctors who have had no change to their personal circumstances. Please note that this is an application to change your location within the Kent, Surrey & Sussex foundation school and not to any other Foundation Schools.

The criteria matches that stated in the guidance for IFSTs 2024 on the UKFPO website: :

1. Parental responsibilities
2. Primary carer responsibilities
3. Medical condition or disability for which ongoing follow-up for the condition in the specified location is an absolute requirement
4. Unique circumstances (these must be unique, not other circumstances which do not meet the requirements for the other criteria)


  1. From 01 April 2024 – 14 April 2024: The application window opens for change in exceptional circumstance via the online form , applicants must also email in accompanying evidence to
  2. 14 April 2024 11:59pm: Application window closes, the applications are then reviewed by the KSS Foundation team for accuracy and then sent to the Foundation School Director and Deputy Director for approval.
  3. 14 May 2024: All applicants will be notified of the outcome. (Please do not email us chasing for outcomes prior to this date).

Please note:

  • Both the special circumstances form and evidence must be completed by 11:59pm 14th April 2024, applications received without evidence will not be considered.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • There is no opportunity to appeal the outcome from the KSS Foundation school.

We are unable to accept or consider any applications made after 14 April 2024 11:59pm. All submissions will be reviewed by the foundation school director shortly after.

Due to the limited number of alternative programmes available, all successful applications are subject to suitable vacancy at the preferred location. Therefore, we cannot guarantee you will be able to move to an alternative trust.