Change in Exceptional Circumstances

Applications can be submitted in April, dates TBC.

If you are due to start F1 in August 2024, or are a current F1 doctor due to start F2 in August 2024, and you have experienced an exceptional change in circumstances since you applied to the foundation training programme which affects your ability to complete training in your current location, please let us know via completion of the following form:

Please complete this form:


Please also ensure that you submit your additional supporting information to:    

We are only able to consider an exceptional change in circumstances that can be evidenced and will not consider any requests for programme swaps between doctors who have had no change to their personal circumstances. Please note that this is an application to change your location within the Kent, Surrey & Sussex foundation school

The criteria are those in the guidanceĀ for IFSTs 2024 on the UKFPO website:

1. Parental responsibilities
2. Primary carer responsibilities
3. Medical condition or disability for which ongoing follow-up for the condition in the specified location is an absolute requirement
4. Unique circumstances (these must be unique, not other circumstances which do not meet the requirements for the other criteria)

We are unable to accept or consider any applications made after TBC. All submissions will be reviewed by the foundation school director shortly after.

There are very limited numbers of alternative programmes available, so it is highly unlikely we will be able to place successful applicants in their preferred alternative location, but we will do all we can to take your circumstances into account.