School Nursing

What do School Nurses do?

School nurses are specialist community public health nurses (SCPHN). They work with children and young people aged 5 to nineteen and their families to improve and protect health, prevent ill health and reduce inequalities. For more details of the school nurse role please click here.

The South East is a great place to study and work. There are school nursing opportunities across the region:

School Nurse Jobs in the South East:

For current school nurse roles please visit: School nurse | Health Careers

Training to become a School Nurse:

To train to become a school nurse you must be a registered nurse and undertake a SCPHN course. In the South East the SCPHN programme is offered at various universities either full-time or part-time and also as an apprenticeship.

Please search for “SCPHN Training South East” or “SCPHN apprenticeship South East” for the most up to date opportunities.

If you have previously been a School Nurse and would like to return to practice in the South East:

If you have already been a school nurse and wish to return to practice please click here for details of your local Return to Practice Course.

You may also wish to view the South East 0-19 Workforce Project Return to Practice Webinar.