Intellectual Disabilities Programme

The Intellectual Disabilities programme is a regional programme working across the South of England.

The programme has a single aim:

“to create a sustainable and secure workforce supply, for people that have Intellectual Disabilities and/ or Autism, who require support from and/ or access to services”.

All of our work is about how the workforce can support people with an Intellectual Disability to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.

The programme began in Kent, Surrey and Sussex during 2013 and remains a trail-blazer within HEE as it is the only programme of this type. In September 2017 it expanded to include London for a year and in April 2018 it further expanded to include the whole of the South.

How to get in touch

Stakeholder engagement is one of the most essential elements of this programme. To help with this the team have created lots of ways of keeping informed and making contact with us: 

  • Read an online programme blog, which they use to keep everyone updated with news, updates and opportunities.  
  • Receive a single weekly email that summarises all the weekly news, updates and opportunities. You can subscribe to the South of England & London’s Intellectual Disability programme mailing list on via the mailing list sign up form.
  • Email
  • Follow @HEE_SouthID on Twitter.