Workplace Support

The transition to specialty training can often be quite daunting. Overnight, trainees change from being an experienced core trainee, competent in dealing with all aspects of O&G at this level of training, to being a junior registrar. To support trainees the School of O&G has a robust package of workplace support.

Levels of workplace support include:

Local support – specific to training needs

  • KSS O&G trainee representatives foster a supportive and inclusive sense of belonging within the trainee body and specialty within KSS, and act as an effective interface between the trainees and the deanery. Each year group has a trainee representative. Visit the trainee representative webpage to find out more about their roles.
  • Ruth Mason is KSS’ Workplace Behaviour Lead and can be approached for all workplace issues, including workplace behaviour, undermining issues, health, and career advice.
  • Mentorship – some trainees have a mentor allocated at their induction.

Deanery support

Deanery support includes support directly from the Head of School and Training Programme Directors for specific training years:

  • ST1 to ST2 – Miss Zoe Woodward
  • ST3 to ST5 – Miss Padma Vankayalapati
  • ST6 to ST7 – Miss Catherine Wykes

Additional support includes:

National support