ARCPs and Interim Review

This page will provide you with updates and information on HEE KSS Obstetrics and Gynaecology Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) and Interim Reviews meetings (which all trainees will be required to attend).


Prior to the ten-month ARCP during each training year, trainees will be required to attend a meeting with the Head of School, Training Programme Director, a second school member and an external representative to discuss progress to date and review ePortfolios. This meeting will not form part of the ACRP but is a requirement of training within the region in this specialty.

KSS ARCP and Interim Review Dates

Trainees need to ensure these dates are in their diary and that no leave is booked during these dates. Specific time slots will be allocated nearer the time and trainees will be given advance notice of these essential ARCPs. Failure to attend will only be accepted in highly exceptional circumstances and must be ratified by the Head of School.

The KSS ARCP & Interim Reviews dates can be seen below:- please note these dates in your diary. Matching dates will be added soon.

  • 3 March 2021 – ARCP
  • 16 July 2021 – ST1-ST5 – ARCP
  • 15 July 2021 – ST6-ST7 – ARCP
  • 11 November 2021 – ARCP & Interim Reviews

ATSM Matching Dates

  • 18 & 19 May 2021

ATSM Letter to all ST3 to ST5

Dear Everyone,

I am writing to let you know about the changes planned for ATSM matching next year.

Over the last few years it has become apparent that many more trainees are requesting the “Benign Gynae Surgery: open / laparoscopic “  ATSM, with far fewer trainees choosing Obstetric ATSMs. Until now KSS has been able to accommodate these requests but we envisage problems in the future as outlined below:

1) While we can train all trainees who have signed up for the ATSM within our units their experience may be compromised due to competition from their contemporaries.  It is important that where a trainee undertakes an ATSM they are the focus of the preceptors training time.  The situation is further compromised currently by COVID and this may continue.

2)  A workforce of specialists at the end of training who all have similar special interests applying for the same, small number of posts with very few CCT holders with the relevant experience to apply for special interest Obstetric posts.

Moving forward, following discussions with the Trainees’ Committee and the STC we are planning the following:

            1) ATSM matching will be via a competitive interview process.

2) Trainees will be asked to send a copy of their CV and personal statement prior to matching to justify their commitment to a particular ATSM

3)Trainees will continue to be asked to provide a reference from their Educational Supervisor supporting their choice of ATSM

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes

Catherine Wykes

TPD – ST6-7

ARCP – Guidance

HEE KSS has developed a few videos documenting the ARCP process. Please click on the links below:

The RCOG training matrix can be viewed via the following link to the RCOG website .

ARCP Requirements

All required documentation/evidence, as detailed below, including online documentation and educational supervisor’s Annual Assessment Review Form must be submitted/finalised two weeks prior to the ARCP date. Anything after that date will not be assessed or included. It is recommended that you book a date with your educational supervisor in advance to avoid your consultant being on leave and being unable to complete your Review.

Please visit the RCOG webiste for further information and guidance on ARCPs.

To find out more about ARCPs in KSS, visit the ARCP webpage.

Evidence/documentation required:

  1. Educational supervisor’s Annual Assessment Review Form
  2. Records of any initial/interim meetings and appraisals you have had with your educational supervisor
  3. Training evaluation form
  4. Your workplace based assessment record including: mini-CEXs, CbDs and OSATS
  5. Up to date logbook with sign off of the appropriate competences as detailed in the RCOG training matrix, see downloads section on this page
  6. TO2 form to include a minimum of ten responses, including feedback from multidisciplinary backgrounds and consultants for each year of training (the TO2 form can only be viewed on your ePortfolio once your educational supervisor has released it to you)
  7. A current curriculum vitae (dated)
  8. Evidence of completing the RCOG Basic Practical Skills in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Course
  9. Evidence of passing MRCOG (part 1 for progression to ST3, part 2 and 3 for progression to ST6)
  10. Evidence of having completed Level 2 child protection training
  11. Lists of all courses/meetings attended during the year (please use the courses section of your ePortfolio to record your attendance, uploading the attendance certificate and obtaining confirmation sign off from your educational supervisor)
  12. Summaries of any audit/research projects undertaken
  13. Record of attendance at the mandatory minimum of four out of the six Obstetrics & Gynaecology regional teaching days – this will form part of your study leave entitlement
  14. Evidence of your CCT/CESR/CESR (CP) date
  15. Completed formative Leadership Assessment Form (a copy of which is under the ‘downloads’ section on this page)
  16. Details of sick, parental, carers or maternity leave taken over the year
  17. Evidence of GMC Trainee Survey completion

Clinical leadership

This is now recognised as an integral part of professional practice for doctors.  Leadership skills and attitudes are now embedded within all specialty curricula.  This can be found in Module 19 of your curriculum here

All trainees will need to complete a Leadership Assessment of some sort which will be checked for at ARCP. The KSS School of Obstetrics & Gynaecology have agreed this can take place as a workplace-based assessment.  Examples for your level of training are listed below.

Core Trainee

Leading Ward Round

Organising MDT including perinatal mortality meetings

Rota Organization

Teaching Programme

Teaching Seminar

Implementation of Audit

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Speciality Quality and Safety Projects

Contribution to organisation of regional training events including RTDs and Induction

Higher Specialist Trainee

Leading Ward Round

Organising MDT including perinatal mortality meetings

Rota Organization

Teaching Programme

Teaching Seminar

Implementation of Audit

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Speciality Quality and Safety Projects

Working with Managers on Specific Projects

Acting as mentor to core trainee

Contribution to organisation of regional training events including RTDs and Induction

Please note that as well as any teaching you have delivered, you should also record your attendance at local teaching sessions within your trust and be able to present a succinct list of these to the panel at your ARCP in September. Please use the courses section of your ePortfolio to do this, uploading the certificate of attendance and obtaining confirmation sign off from your educational supervisor.

If teaching is failing to occur, or is of inappropriate quality, trainees should approach their local college tutor and subsequently one of the training programme directors, failing unsuccessful local resolution.



HEE KSS ARCP requirements

NOTSS Labour Ward Form

NOTTS Gynaecological Surgery form


OG-ST2-Interim-Review-form 2020-2021


OG-ST4-Interim-Review-form- 2020-2021




OOP Update form for ARCP

OOP Academic Progress Form for ARCP