Enhance enable must be accessible to every foundation trainee in England from 2024 onwards. This page will give you all the information you need to offer the enhance enable programme in your trust. It also includes links to downloadable resources to make your life easier! If you think there are any other resources that might be helpful please contact us here. We are always looking to improve our website.


What is enhance?

Enhance is new educational offering from NHS England to improve generalist skills in all healthcare professionals. Whilst it is open to anyone, we are primarily concentrating on implementation for foundation doctors in KSS at this time. Enhance uses a combination of core foundation teaching and self directed learning to meet its objectives.

This short interactive document explains more about the programme.

This video from the national team also talks about enhance for the foundation programme: 

This local document explains more and has links to a variety of national resources:

Is there an SOP for enhance?

The SOP for enhance enable is available for download here:

Who should be responsible for enhance in my trust?

Each trust should have a lead for enhance in place. They are the point of contact for any issues and can act as a liaison with the KSS HEE team. As the programme is primarily aimed at foundation trainees, this should be the foundation programme director unless another clinical staff member is deemed more appropriate.

In addition, there should be a foundation programme coordinator responsible for enhance. They will be the point of contact for trainees to get their certificate once they have been signed off for a module.

In order for trainees to be signed off successfully, all educational supervisors in your trust must be aware of enhance. We have created a page specifically for educational supervisors which can be found here. If you would would like the enhance fellow to speak to your educational supervisors about the programme, please email us here.

How do I get enhance up and running in my trust?

As enhance enable it is a voluntary and self guided programme, your main role is ensuring good awareness of enhance and signposting trainees to relevant resources.

A short video that explains enhance will be available here shortly. We are also happy to come and speak to your trainees at induction. Please contact us here to discuss this further.

We have created a poster that can be printed and used to advertise enhance which you can find here:

This is also available as a PDF and JPEG for trust screensavers here:

How can I integrate enhance into our existing core foundation teaching?

Core foundation teaching is an essential element of enhance. Much of the teaching you offer will already touch upon themes covered in enhance without any extra work. For instance, a session on deprescribing would fit well with the complex multimorbidity module. To flag relevant sessions to trainees, ask your teachers to use the following slides at the beginning of their presentation. They are available below as a PDF and Powerpoint slides. There is also an enhance page for trainees here.

Some trainers may want to go into enhance themes in more detail in their sessions. For those that are interested, please direct them to this website. There is a whole page for teachers and trainers here. The SOP has some ideas for sessions in the appendices which you can also find here:

Are there any resources available to help trainees complete enhance?

This website has a page for each module with lots of free articles, videos, eLearning and podcasts for trainees to access. Trainees can use whichever resources they would like, and they are also welcome to find their own. The national website and learning hub also have some useful information for trainees.  

Whilst enhance is self guided, we may also provide some face to face regional trainees in the future. We will update the website about this in due course.

How are trainees signed off when they complete a module?

Once a trainee has completed an enhance enable module, they will upload their evidence to their ePortfolio. Review and sign off will then be done by their educational supervisor. This video outlines the sign off process:

This document explains the process in a little more detail:

Examples of well filled in assessment forms will be provided here shortly.

How do we provide certificates when trainees have finished a module?

Trainees will receive a certificate for each module they complete. They will be issued with a further certificate if they complete all six modules.

Once trainees have uploaded their evidence and been signed off by their supervisor, they need to share their forms with their foundation programme coordinator. This can be done by tagging them in the ePortfolio or emailing them the documents directly. Once the coordinator has received these they can issue a certificate. We will send you the master certificates for use via email.

Will there be any benchmarking?

To ensure parity across the local education providers in the region, the regional enhance team will sample a proportion of enable assessments every year in June from each provider.  

This will enable the regional enhance team to issue guidance on the assessments and can provide feedback to local teams, upon request, when considering evidence.  


Where can I find out more?

– The enhance website outlines the programme and has links to a variety of materials

– The enhance guide for foundation doctors gives an excellent overview of the Enhance programme with links to other useful resources

– Enhance for educational supervisors is a section of the learning hub that has several useful resources