This introductory module is designed to help you understand the enhance enable programme and how it relates to the foundation curriculum. The module also covers important skills you will need to complete the programme. These include how to become a reflective practitioner, how to carry out a QI project and the importance of interprofessional learning.

Often, things like quality improvement can feel like a tick box exercise. This module hopes to show you that even work you do right at the beginning of your career can really make a difference. This video from a TEDxNHS talk shows you how interesting, and transformative, quality improvement can be.

This module should be completed before you attempt any other enhance explore materials as it provides an overview of the whole programme. Whilst it is designed to be started in FY1, healthcare professionals of any grade can take part. This module can be completed in six hours, although you can dedicate longer to it if you would like to.

Enhance enable is designed to complement the work you are already doing to complete the foundation programme and will help you sign off your foundation competencies. Everything you need to complete the module is found below.


This a is a list of resources, divided by the main outcomes of the module. We have tried to keep them as varied as possible, and you will find articles, eLearning, videos and podcasts that are relevant to the domain.

You can pick the resources that interest you most, and you are more than welcome to find your own too! If you find something that you think would be helpful to share, feel free to let us know here.

Module Basics

The Enhance Guide for Foundation Doctors (15 minute read) gives an excellent overview of the Enhance programme with links to other useful resources

The Enhance Handbook (10 minute read for introductory section) is an in-depth document that gives an overview of the whole programme, along with describing the six enhance domains in detail. You can access individual sections or a PDF of the whole handbook via this page

The module workbook (22 minute read)

The pre- and post- module self assessment matrix (2 minute read)

The evidencing engagement form (2 minute read)

– The REAL form is now on the Horus ePortfolio, accessed here

Reflective practice

The reflective practitioner- guidance for doctors and medical students (17 minute read) is the most up to date GMC guidance on reflection. This easy-to-read document covers how to reflect, as well as your legal and ethical obligations. It has a variety of references if you want to read further

Reflection as an educator and a foundation doctor (22 minute video) is a recording from the East of England foundation programme. It gives a good overview of the elements of reflective practice, along with the controversies of reflection and practical tips on how to reflect meaningfully in your ePortfolio

The reflective practitioner learning hub (various articles and videos) is another GMC website that provides further training resources and examples of good reflective practice

Quality Improvement

A thirst for change (14 minute watch) is a TEDx talk about how one simple intervention reduced UTI rates in a care home population. A great demonstration of quality improvement making a real difference

Quality improvement made simple (36 minute read) is a straightforward overview from The Health Foundation which explains ‘what everyone should know about quality improvement’

How to get started in quality improvement (15 minute read) is a free BMJ article that covers the basics of doing a QI project

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership guide to quality improvement (40 minute read) outlines the various tools you can use for QI. There are a huge number of resources on their website, which may be helpful for specific projects

The NHS East Midlands guide to quality improvement (40 minute video, start from 10 minutes 50 seconds) is a video that talks about the general principles of quality improvement