This page is for anyone delivering core foundation teaching. The resources below will help you provide teaching that is relevant to the enhance programme with minimal extra effort!


What is enhance?

Enhance is new educational offering from NHS England to improve generalist skills in all healthcare professionals. This interactive document tells you everything you need to know.

This video also discusses the programme and its aims: 

This local document explains the basic principals behind enhance and has links to lots of national resources:

How is core foundation teaching relevant to enhance?

Part of the learning for each enhance module can be made up from core foundation teaching. Much of the teaching that trusts offer will already touch upon themes covered in enhance without any extra work. For instance, a session on deprescribing would fit well with the complex multimorbidity module.

Other teaching will lend itself to deeper exploration of some enhance themes. A lesson on medical emergencies in pregnancy could be used to explore the racial disparities in maternal mortality to help trainees think about population health and inequality.

As enhance is such a broad programme, there is room to take teaching in many different directions.

How can I make my teaching suitable for the enhance programme?

A quick way to make your teaching relevant is to identify which modules your session already touches upon. You can let trainees know this by inserting the following slides at the beginning of your session:

If you would like to explore enhance themes in more detail, please feel free! There is no right way to include enhance in your session, but the following document may give you some ideas:

Where can I find out more?

This website has an explainer of each module along with lots of interactive resources. Just select the relevant page from the page menu. The following links for the national website may also be helpful:

– The enhance website outlines the programme and has links to a variety of materials

– The enhance guide for foundation doctors gives an excellent overview of the Enhance programme with links to other useful resources

– Enhance for educational supervisors is a section of the learning hub that has several useful resources