The NHS is functioning in an increasingly difficult circumstances with limited resources. None of us can provide excellent care in isolation. We need to employ teamworking with a variety of clinicians and services.

An essential part of teamwork is effective leadership. Often this is not something that is explicitly taught. This module will help you to begin your leadership journey. It focuses on contextual leadership, i.e. how to lead at your current foundation level. It will ask you to reflect on your current knowledge and experience in the area, learn more about what good leadership is, and help you put your skills into practice. It will also help you understand what shapes patient care and how you can be involved with designing and implementing improvements for the systems you work in.

As with all the other modules in enhance, this should take you at least six hours to complete. We recommend doing this module after you have completed the first five.


This a is a list of resources, divided by the main outcomes of the module. We have tried to keep them as varied as possible, and you will find articles, eLearning, videos and podcasts that are relevant to the domain.

You can pick the resources that interest you most, and you are more than welcome to find your own too! If you find something that you think would be helpful to share, feel free to let us know here.

Module Basics

The Enhance Guide for Foundation Doctors (15 minute read) gives an excellent overview of the Enhance programme with links to other useful resources

The Enhance Handbook (10 minute read for section) is an in-depth document that gives an overview of the whole programme, along with describing the six enhance domains in detail. You can access individual sections or a PDF of the whole handbook via this page

The module workbook (20 minute read)

The pre- and post- module self assessment matrix (2 minute read)

The evidencing engagement form (2 minute read)

– The REAL form is now on the Horus ePortfolio, accessed here


Leading as a junior doctor (various) is a webpage from the Faculty for Leadership and Management that has a variety of resources on leadership at a junior level

The Faculty of Leadership bitesize learning (various eLearning) has a wide range of eLearning, all of which are free. They cover everything from compassionate leadership to fostering inclusion

Personal resilience, drive and energy (5 minute read) is a webpage which defines these terms and gives a variety of links to more detailed resources

Compassionate leadership (5 minute read) discusses the basics of compassionate leadership

Mindfulness and leadership (5 minute read) talks about how mindfulness can be used in management and has lots of useful links you can follow for more information

BMJ leadership learning (various, BMJ login needed) is a set of eLearning that covers various leadership topics

BMA leadership resources (various videos) are free webinars and videos on a variety of topics. Select ‘leadership’ from the left sided menu to find the most relevant ones

Politics, leadership and learning from NASA (32 minute listen) is a Kings Fund podcast on leadership and finding joy from work