About us

Workforce transformation is the process that looks to improve the way we recruit, retain, deploy, develop and continue to support the healthcare workforce. As the needs of local populations grow and change, our work ensures high quality care for the patients of today and the future.

What we do

We work in collaboration with our HEE South East colleagues offering workforce transformation expertise to inform, influence, enable and support the Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in their development and delivery of their workforce strategy and plans through the following: ​

  • Developing ICS capacity and capability to lead the education and training agenda, as part of their development programme. 
  • Working with networks and stakeholders to encourage system-wide conversations and innovative thinking, with solutions and actions to build and develop the workforce of today, tomorrow and the future. 
  • Using education and training as a key enabler of workforce transformation, promoting the use of new roles and new ways of working and supporting recruitment and retention.   
  • Supporting the system to build career pathways across professions, from early career, throughout the learner journey, to consultant level. Optimising workforce and workforce redesign maximises the efficiencies and capabilities of the workforce and supply pipelines.  
  • Influencing, supporting and enabling the deliverables of the NHS Long Term Plan, People Plan and HEE mandate programmes, through collaboration and the use of tools and data.  

Our Integrated Care System Partners

We provide workforce expertise and support to the various ICSs in the South East region namely: 

Contact us 

If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact the Workforce Transformation team directly at workforcetransformation.se@hee.nhs.uk