Ophthalmic Practitioner Training (OPT) Glaucoma module

Ophthalmic Practitioner Training (OPT) Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the biggest cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. Its prevalence increases with increasing age. With gradually ageing populations, the burden of this disease increases year on year. Glaucoma has historically been managed by ophthalmologists in hospital eye services. However, the rapidly increasing workload has meant changes in service delivery. These days more and more patients are managed by optometrists and specialist nurses under the guidance of consultant ophthalmologists.

This is where the OPT glaucoma training programme fits in – to provide a framework for specialist nurses, optometrists and orthoptists to enhance their existing skills and become confident practitioners and clinicians. Together, sharing the development and leadership in re-shaping and delivering glaucoma services in the decades ahead.

Module Outline

The glaucoma module is spread across three levels. Each level is designed to build on top of the other and encourages a stepwise increase in complexity, practical skills and knowledge related to cataract care. 

Each level has established competencies, defined by a comprehensive curriculum, that you will accumulate. Learning is multifaceted and draws on existing opportunities in the workplace, clinical teaching, supervised instruction, and self-directed elements. There are also regional teaching events and resources that take place throughout the year. This will give an opportunity to meet other learners and contribute to the emerging OPT community.


The OPT glaucoma programme encompasses all aspects of patient management throughout the glaucoma patient pathway including:


Ophthalmic examination skills and techniques


Dealing with the needs of ophthalmic patients, including communication, consent, patient safety and the administration of drugs. 

Teaching & education

Personal development, including reflective practice and the maintenance of skills

Your learning will be supported by online resources mapped to the curriculum. Each learner will maintain a portfolio with each completed competency. The portfolio is the culmination of your work based assessments (WBAs) and other evidence of learning such as reflections, audits, and quality improvement projects. 

You can find links to helpful additional information here:


The full glaucoma curriculum can be found here.