Meet the KSS Simulation Faculty

The KSS Simulation Faculty is an ever growing team. If you would like to be part of the KSS Simulation Faculty, please contact

Dr Jane Roome

HEE KSS Simulation Fellow Lead

I am a GP in Sussex, GP Tutor for West Kent, Deputy Chair of West Kent Training Hub and the Faculty Education Lead for the RCGP SE Thames region. I am passionate about the benefit of simulation training for all Primary Care staff, including non clinical colleagues. I am incredibly proud of the faculty and how we have developed over the last few years and excited for our ongoing work and planned pilots.

Dr Caroline Sweeney

HEE KSS Simulation Fellow – Kent & Medway

Dr Sammy Jo Bennett

HEE KSS Simulation Fellow – Surrey

I am a salaried GP and the new Primary Care Simulation Fellow working in the Surrey area.

Dr Rachel Phillips

HEE KSS Simulation Fellow – Sussex

I will be the Simulation Fellow for Sussex from September. I am looking forward to studying PG Cert at Brighton and introducing Simulation sessions to practices across Sussex. I am a partner in Tonbridge, specialising in women’s health and care navigator pathways. Outside of work I am learning French, I love swimming, yoga and playing tennis.

Dr Anna White

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

I am a salaried GP in Sevenoaks. I was previously a Medical SpR in Diabetes and Endocrinology. I have two children that keep me busy outside of work. I enjoy both the emergency care skills and amateur drama aspect of SIMS and am thrilled to be part of such an amazing faculty.

Caroline Greenfield

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

I work as a Practice Nurse Manager in Mid Sussex. I have special interests in women’s health, dementia and cancer care and do additional work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Macmillan based in our trust.
I became involved in the faculty after attending a Emergency Simulation day which was so amazing and completely taken some anxiety away from emergency situations in general Practice.
I have a husband, dog and 2 daughters one a nurse and the other a student nurse who share my passion for patient care.

Dr Hayley Dunton

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

Currently a GP Registrar and trained in Sheffield and Tunbridge Wells. I support medical students with simulation for examination and teaching purposes. Outside of work I enjoy long hikes, independent cinemas and I am currently reading my way through the BBC’s poll of the nation’s 200 favourite books.

Dr John Sharvill

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

Deal Based GP mainly working in UTC now. Also a Trainer and GPSI for most of my career as a GP, plus spells of volunteer work abroad. Keen cyclist , runner and grand parent now as only part time working.

Julia Speight

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

I am a GPN in West Kent and I love being a practice nurse. My BScN (Hons) is from the USA but this is my home now. I keep life interesting by being involved in a variety of different roles, including simulation, which is great fun and often surprising what you learn. Outside of work, my gorgeous dog takes up a bit of my time exercising and I am attempting to learn gardening.

Dr Katharine Morris

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

I work as a GP in Tunbridge Wells and have recently become involved in the Simulation Faculty after seeing what an effective method of teaching and training it is.

Dr Kumarasingham Eason

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

I am a GP working in Maidstone. I love the collaborative learning element of being part of the Simulation Faculty- I learn something new every time! I also love pretending to be a (bad) actor in the scenarios.

Dr Louise Hopkins

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

I am currently a salaried GP and appraiser.

Naomi Hyman

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

Naomi is a Physician Associate in the private Wellness sector. She was previously a professional actress has 17 years of experience as a Simulated Patient with a special interest in communication skills.

Nicola Knight

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

I am a nurse working in Primary Care in West Kent.

I’ve been part of the Simulation Faculty for the last 2 years. I enjoy being part of a growing multi-professional team. I am mum to 3 young adults and busy looking after my menagerie of animals. I am an amateur violinist playing locally in Kent.

Sandra Samuel

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

I am Practice Development Facilitator with the Sussex Training Hub based In West Sussex . My first experience with simulation was in secondary care where I facilitated simulation training for newly qualified multi-professionals. I joined the training Hub and was given the opportunity to be involved with the KSS Simulation Faculty . This has provided me with the opportunity to have a better understanding of Primary care develop, adapt my skills and sharing knowledge with a multi-professional team to deliver Simulation training across KSS.

Sharon Lee

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

Senior Primary Care Workforce Programme Lead/Primary Care Nurse. Been in NHS 44years. Hobbies include Sailing, Flying and skiing. Passionate about Simulated Based Education

Dr Victoria Watson

Kent & Medway Faculty Member

I am a Locum GP based in Tonbridge, and previously have held a local salaried role for 9 years. I have special interests in Family Planning, Child Safeguarding and unsurprisingly- Primary Care Simulation. Outside of work I enjoy cooking, music, knitting and racing around after my two children.