What we offer

HEE Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) provide a rich variety of training environments for doctors who wish to pursue a career in general practice.

The Kent, Surrey and Sussex area covers a large part of the urban and rural areas of South East England. It has excellent transport links to London, to Europe via Gatwick Airport and the Eurostar high speed rail link, and many cross-channel ferry services. It has a rich mix of towns, three ancient cathedral cities and a long and very varied coastline.

About our population

HEE KSS covers a population of around 5.1 million people and has two Local Area Teams, 12 NHS Acute Trusts, three Mental Health and Specialist Trusts and 3,500 GPs. Brighton and Sussex and Epsom are University NHS Trusts, Frimley Park and Medway are Foundation NHS Trusts and East Kent is a University Foundation Trust.

School, locations and Trusts

There is one School of General Practice which supports around 266 individual GP specialty trainees in 11 GP Training Programme areas, based around the main Acute Trusts. At present, GP specialty training programmes in HEE KSS are of three years duration and provide 12-16 months in General Practice.


All GP training programmes are organised to deliver the outcomes of the GP curriculum, and in HEE KSS we aim to provide GP trainees with as wide an exposure to the learning environments appropriate to this as possible.

Training support

The GP specialty training programmes are supported by a local team of enthusiastic GP training programme directors (TPDs) (these will nearly all be GPs who have been trained and selected for the purpose, some come from an academic background in medical education).

There are normally three per training programme, but more where the programme is larger. The TPDs support GP trainees during every year of the training programme and co-ordinate the group of GP trainers who will look after trainees placed in general practice.

TPDs provide local learning sessions throughout the training programme and the GP School provides induction and familiarisation meetings for all GP trainees.

There are around 450 approved GP trainers in around 270 GP training practices across KSS, which includes urban, rural and mixed locations. Each practice has its own style and environment, but all are approved and quality managed to provide an appropriate placement for GP trainees. All GP trainers are supported by the GP School in order to support trainees as effectively as possible.

In addition, trainees are able to take part in communication skills packages for out of hours work in GP. Every trainee will have a nominated GP Educational Supervisor who will provide individual support.

For many trainees the same Educational Supervisor will provide support throughout the whole GP training programme.

More information

To find out more about the individual training programme across KSS please visit the Programme areas webpage.