Enhance enable is available to everyone who works for NHS England from 2024 onwards. This website is mainly aimed at foundation trainees, but we would encourage anyone who is interested to take part.

This page will give you all the information you need to take part in the enhance enable programme. This page will explain the basics of the programme, but follow the site menu to find useful information for each module. If you think there are any other resources that might be helpful please contact us here. We are always looking to improve our website.


What is enhance?

Enhance is new educational offering from NHS England to improve generalist skills in all healthcare professionals. This means helping you understand non clinical factors that affect peoples health, like inequality and climate change. The programme also aims to give you the skills to navigate our rapidly changing healthcare system. You can find out more in the video below: 

This short, interactive document also explains the programme in more detail.

Finally, this locally produced document also explains the enhance programme and has links to lots of national documents:

How do I complete enhance?

Enhance enable is divided into six domains. These cover different elements of generalism that are important to modern medical practice. The programme is deliberately broad and can be completed using a variety of learning resources.

The enhance domains

The programme has six modules: introduction, person centred practice, complex multimorbidity, population health, 3-in-1 (systems working, social justice and health equity, environmental sustainability) and contextual leadership. Each has a workbook that outlines the learning objectives for the module, and explains the evidence needed for completion.

The national enhance team recommend completing the first three modules in FY1 and the second three modules in FY2. However, the programme is flexible, and you can work through the modules in any order they like. There is no requirement to finish all six modules, and you may pick and choose the ones that feel most useful. Some trainees may also come to enhance later than their foundation training.

Each enhance module should take a minimum of six hours to complete. Enhance is a deliberately broad programme, which allows you to pick your own path through the work. You can use a variety of learning methods to complete each module, including;

  • Relevant core foundation teaching
  • Non-core teaching, such as eLearning or online lectures
  • Reflection on clinical events
  • Shadowing other health- or social care professionals
  • Engaging with patient lived experience, through speaking to NHS service users or by using content created by patients
  • Using the arts to understand relevant issues. You can read novels, memoirs or poetry, listen to music, or view artworks that touch upon the themes covered in the module. Some foundation have even made their own work

Regardless of the work you choose to do for each module, you should complete at least one of the following for each module:

  • One case-based discussion with an explicit focus on an element of the module
  • Reflection on a clinical experience
  • Engage with lived experience of a patient
  • Shadow or work alongside a member of the MDT
  • Take part in a QI project which is relevant to the module

What resources are available to help me?

This website has lots of resources, including videos, podcasts, eLearning and videos. You can find them on the site menu, just select the module you are interested in.

The national website also has a lot of helpful information. You can find the main site here. You can also access the learning hub here (login with an NHS email is required.)

How do I get signed off once I have completed a module?

Getting signed off is really straightforward. You need to complete three short forms and upload these to Horus/your ePortfolio. The following video explains this in more detail:

This document explains the process in a little more detail and has a step by step guide to uploading evidence:

Where can I find out more?

– The enhance website outlines the programme and has links to a variety of materials

– The enhance guide for foundation doctors gives an excellent overview of the Enhance programme with links to other useful resources

– Enhance for educational supervisors is a section of the learning hub that has several useful resources