April 2024

Please see below for our KSS April bulletin.

Highly Important

The 2024 GMC National Training Survey

Every voice counts. The GMC’s survey for trainees and trainers is now live. The deadline has now been extended, please take part before midday on Thursday 16 May 2024.

To complete the survey visit here .

Preparing for your ARCP

The UKFPO webinar recording and slides are now available to view.

Focused around what your e-portfolio should look like leading up to your ARCP.

Watch the recording about Preparing for ARCP here

Review the Preparing for ARCP slides here and here

Special Circumstances

If you are due to start FY1 in August 2024, or are a current trainee due to start FY2 in August 2024, and you have experienced an exceptional change in circumstances since you applied to the foundation training programme which affects your ability to complete training in your current location, you will have the opportunity to apply to move Foundation Programmes within Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

However, due to limited capacity, all successful applications are subject to a suitable vacancy becoming available at the preferred location. Therefore, we cannot guarantee you will be able to move to an alternative trust even if your application is approved.

14 April 2024: Application window closed.

14 May 2024: All applicants will be notified of the outcome. (Please do not email us chasing for outcomes prior to this date).

Industrial action and time out of training (TOOT)

The national guidance and FAQs published earlier this year remains in effect and has not changed. The guidance can be found here.

For the foundation programme, it states: –

All Foundation doctors have a 20-day absence allowance (per year) for sick leave, compassionate leave. This is particularly important in Foundation Year 1 (FY1) as this is a time-based programme, with each FY1 doctor having to complete 12 months training pro rata.

If a Foundation doctor has more time off than this, a review of their performance is triggered, but this does not mean an automatic extension to training.

In the event of doctors in training taking industrial action in 2023, then any time absent from work maybe considered to be within the ’20-day allowance’.

If the ’20-day allowance’ is exceeded for any reason (including industrial action), then this should trigger a review of overall performance and achievement of curricular outcomes but does not mean an automatic extension to training. This review will be carried out by the Foundation School with oversight by the Postgraduate Dean, but, in line with Gold Guide, does not require an Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP).

This should be discussed with the Foundation School Director/Postgraduate Dean before any training is extended.

New Updates

RCPath Foundation Fellowships

The College makes available 25 Foundation Fellowships annually. The Foundation Fellowship Scheme is open to Foundation doctors who secure a Foundation post in which they will rotate through a pathology specialty between 1 August 2024, and 31 July 2025. The pathology specialties include histopathology, haematology, medical microbiology, chemical pathology, or any other specialty represented by the College.

Foundation Fellows receive opportunities to get involved in a range of College activities, meetings, and events.

The closing date is Monday 08 July 2024. Successful candidates will be informed by the end of July 2024.

More information can be found on the College website. If your department has placements for Foundation doctors, please encourage them to apply.

Leadership and management standards for medical professionals – webinar recording

On Tuesday 30th April 2024 the UKFPO welcomed all Foundation doctors to their fourth webinar of the training year. The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management hosted a webinar for Foundation doctors (and supervisors). The session:

  • Introduced participants to the FMLM Leadership and management standards for medical professionals
  • Shared some of the research evidence about why medical leadership matters
  • Presented resources available to support leadership development for doctors in training
  • Provided top tips about developing leadership from doctors in training involved in the FMLM Clinical Fellow Scheme and the Trainee Steering Group.

The webinar was recorded and will be uploaded to the UKFPO website within two weeks of the webinar date. 

Target Audience: Foundation doctors and trainers.

Email foundation.educationandsupport@nhs.net with any queries.


Foundation ARCP requirements

The Horus eportfolio virtual lock down is expected to be on the 31 May 2024.

ARCP panels will take place in trust from the 3 June – 14 June 2024.

ARCP guidance to include the checklist of requirements can be found on the UKFPO ARCP webpage (pending updates for 2024).

Important Information

Provisionally registered doctors (foundation year one/F1) must not undertake formal locum posts or activities.

Provisionally registered doctors can undertake occasional ad hoc additional/overtime shifts on their current FY1 placement or previous FY1 placements that have formed part of their F1 rotation, where such work is undertaken only within the limits of their current competence and with the support of their educational supervisor. When undertaking such occasional ad hoc additional/overtime work, provisionally registered doctors should be clear with other members of their team about their current experience and level of competence.

SCRIPT – supporting safer prescribing practices

The SCRIPT programme is a collection of innovative eLearning portfolios designed to encourage safe and effective prescribing and medicines management among healthcare professionals.

SCRIPT will enhance your knowledge and confidence in prescribing correctly, improving patient safety, therapeutics and medicines management. You will receive a certificate for each module that you complete, which can be used in your online learning portfolio. SCRIPT is easy to use. You can access the modules at a time which suits you and revisit them even after completion. You can learn more about the SCRIPT eLearning programme and how to sign up by visiting Medicine & Surgery | Safe Prescriber

Study Leave

The KSSFS Admin Team have received several queries on how KSS Foundation Doctors can apply for Discretionary Study Leave. For clarity, please see below.

Discretionary Study Leave should be applied for prospectively and not retrospectively.  

  1. Foundation Doctor (FD) seeks support from Educational Supervisor and trust (local) Foundation Training Programme Director (FTPD).
  2. Local FTPD seeks approval from the area Foundation School Director (FSD)
  3. Local FSD replies to trust TPD, including study leave team.
  4. Local TPD can then reply to FD with outcome. 
  5. If approved, on the guidance from the study leave team FD completes study leave form on the study leave portal. 

We are not able to reply to direct emails about Study Leave but if you have any questions, please do contact the school at: england.kssfoundationenquiries.se@nhs.net.

KSS Contact details have changed

Following the merger of HEE and NHS England, our contact email addresses have changed. Please see new emails below (emails sent previously to former email address will automatically be forwarded on):

For Foundation Year 1 queries please email england.kssfoundationyear1.se@nhs.net

For Foundation Year 2 queries please email england.kssfoundationyear2.se@nhs.net

For Foundation Recruitment queries please email england.kssfoundationrecruitment.se@nhs.net

For any other queries please email england.kssfoundationenquiries.se@nhs.net

Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB)

The recommended dates for TAB are detailed below but these dates are not mandatory. Additional information on the TAB process can be found on the Horus Website.

Placement 1

Opens: Friday 6th October 2023

Closes: Monday 4th December 2023

Placement 2

Opens: Friday 9th February 2024

Closes: Monday 1st April 2024

Placement 3

Opens: Friday 19th April 2024

Closes: Monday 20th May 2024

PSA sittings 2024-2025

All sittings are scheduled to commence at 13.00

  • Tuesday 10 September 2024
  • Thursday 20 March 2025
  • Thursday 1 May 2025

Reminders and Guidance

F2 Responsible Officer Details

F2’s are responsible for ensuring they are connected to the correct Responsible Officer. For doctors in training, this is your Postgraduate Dean. For more information please see: https://kss.hee.nhs.uk/kss-foundation/current-doctors-in-training/gmc-full-registration/

TIS Checks

Please can we use this opportunity to remind Medical Education colleagues in Trusts to work with their Medical Staffing teams to regularly check Foundation Doctors’ posts on TIS, against internal records. Early recognition of any discrepancies can help us all to resolve issues quickly.

Also, if you have not already informed us of any F1s that have withdrawn from training, please do so, as we aren’t always made aware by trainees themselves.

F2 – Higher training

For those in F2 wanting to move straight into higher training, the application windows for specialty training will soon be open and details of person specifications for application can be found on the specialty training website: https://specialtytraining.hee.nhs.uk/Recruitment/Person-specifications

Foundation Doctors taking Parental Leave

Please can all foundation doctors who will be taking a period of Parental Leave complete the following training interruption form:  https://kss.hee.nhs.uk/kss-foundation/useful-links-and-documents/ and return to england.kssfoundationenquiries.se@nhs.net. This is in addition to informing your employing Trust.

Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Training for London and KSS

Please click the link below for guidance regarding Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training.

Foundation doctors in GP and psychiatry placements contributing to acute services               

Please see below link for guidance regarding Foundation doctors in community placements contributing to acute services: https://kss.hee.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/15/2023/09/KSSFS-Foundation-doctors-in-GP-and-psychiatry-placements-contributing-to-acute-services_2.pdf

NHS employers’ guidance on induction for international medical graduates

Please see below link to guidance from NHS employers:


Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities

Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities within the Local Education Provider and Minimum Requirements for Clinical Supervision of Foundation Doctors: see document.

Foundation ARCP requirements

The ARCP checklist can be found here: https://kss.hee.nhs.uk/kss-foundation/current-doctors-in-training/arcp/

Useful Websites and Contacts

UKFPO Bulletin:

Read the latest UKFPO bulletin (April 2024)

Courses and events

Royal Marsden Imaging Perspectives 2024: Imaging of acute oncology – 13th May 2024

The 15th Imaging Perspectives course hosted by the Royal Marsden in collaboration with The Royal College of Physicians will be held on Monday 13th May 2024.

This course will be useful for all levels from allied health professionals, foundation trainees to consultants, and anyone with an interest in imaging and oncology.

Flyer is available at https://kss.hee.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/15/2024/03/RMIP2024_V5.pdf .

Join us at GOSH Summer School 2024

On 10-11th July 2024 from 08:30 am to 17:30 pm GMT.

For Early Bird tickets and further information, please visit  https://courses.gosh.org/event/GSS_2024

The Great Northern Psychiatry Summer School (GNPSS) is back for its fourth year!

Free psychiatry course 3rd until 5th July 2024

To sign up and for further information, please visit www.greatpsychiatry.co.uk

Free virtual foundation QI conference

24th July 2024 18:00 to 21:00

To register and for further information, please visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tips-qi-national-conference-tickets-878011153997?aff=oddtdtcreator

New video resource for foundation doctors

A new video for foundation doctors, foundation schools, and trusts, to help them understand more about the Foundation Programme Charter, has been shared.

Videos including Foundation Programme Review and Self Development time can be found here.

NHS Induction Programme for International Medical Graduates – e-learning for health

The National Induction programme has been designed to ensure that all international medical graduates (IMGs) recruited to the NHS are welcomed, valued, and supported as they transition to UK clinical practice.

Please use the following link to access the programme:  https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/nhs-induction-programme-for-international-medical-graduates/ .