Teaching and Learning

Study days

We run regular regional study days which take place in different trusts across KSS, and we encourage trainees to attend as many as they can. The study day themes repeat each year so that trainees can cover the whole curriculum during their first few years of training. 

The training days are advertised by the School of Paediatrics, the KSS events calendar webpage. and on the trainees’ blog. Booking is essential, and trainees will need to take study leave to attend.  We have an active trainee committee who are involved in the development of the regional training programme and we encourage input from all our trainees.


Involvement in simulation education is actively encouraged throughout the KSS region. With the appointment of a KSS School of Paediatrics Simulation Lead in 2013 there has been an increase in the number and type of simulation training days offered, and all trainees within the KSS School of Paediatrics training program are expected to attend at least one simulation day per year.

The Simulation Education Program runs from ST1 to ST8. It delivers elements in three areas:

  1. Technical skills training
  2. Non-technical skills such as team-working and communication
  3. Crisis resource management using full immersion high fidelity simulation

Teaching is delivered in the form of:

  • introduction to human factors
  • individual technical skills training, using part task trainers
  • communication training using actors in simulated roles
  • paediatric emergency management scenarios
  • neonatal emergency management scenarios

A number of centres around KSS host simulation days and it is expected that trainees attend a day that is relevant to their level of training and requirements.

Simulation Education days offered include:

  • technical skills and introduction to human factors for Level 1 trainees (ST1-3)
  • preparation for Registrar, when ST3’s have the opportunity to act up as a Registrar for the day (open to ST1 and ST3 trainees)
  • paediatric emergency management and communication skills (ST1-8)
  • neonatal emergency management and communication skills (ST1-8)
  • combined paediatric and neonatal emergency management days (ST1-8)
  • communication & breaking bad news


There is an annual induction day for all new trainees (whatever their level).  This is run by the trainee committee and provides an opportunity to meet your colleagues, get to know the trainee committee and the TPDs, Head of School and other consultants from KSS. 

Annual Conference

The trainee committee organises an annual conference organised around a specific theme.  Trainees are encouraged to submit posters which are displayed, and prizes given for the best poster.  The conference provides an opportunity to network and is an enjoyable and educational day.  Other days are run – such as a careers day and a research day – providing opportunities to explore different aspects of paediatrics.