About the school

As a paediatrician, you will learn the unique skills of dealing with babies, young children and teenagers.  You will develop communication skills across the ages of children and young people, as well as their parents and grandparents.  In contrast to all other medical specialties you will be dealing with patients at different stages of growth and development, and learn to identify typically developing infants and young children, and assess where developmental difficulties might lie.

KSS provides comprehensive training in general paediatrics. This is a fascinating and broad specialty which encompasses all of the medical aspects of paediatrics, as well as developmental and behavioural issues, from newborn to 18 years of age.

Currently the programme runs over eight years but from September 2022 a two level (core and specialty) training will commence which will typically take seven years.  Trainees who wish to sub-specialise will still have the opportunity to apply to the National Grid.  Currently KSS offers specialist programmes in Neonatology, Community Paediatrics and Paediatric Emergency Medicine.  Most trainees will become general paediatricians. During your last three years of training there are opportunities to do specialist placements in London – paediatric intensive care, tertiary neonates, neurology, oncology, endocrinology and hepatology are currently offered.

We have a strong and active trainee committee who have their own KSS paediatric trainee committee blog and are involved in developing regional training days. Regional training days run on a monthly basis across the region and all trainees are strongly encouraged to participate.  We also have an active programme of simulation which includes ‘ready for registrar’ days; to find out more visit the Teaching and Learning webpage.

KSS School of Paediatrics is always developing and aims to provide an excellent training in this exciting specialty.