ARCPs and Interim Reviews

ARCP structure

The Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP) is a formal review to decide whether you have attained the necessary curriculum competencies in your current training year, in order to progress to the next stage of training. A formal panel including a Training Programme Director is convened for this. ARCPs will be undertaken electronically using your ePortfolio as the primary source of information. You will be asked to have this up to date by a specific date, before the day your ARCP takes place. You will only be invited to a face to face review if the panel has sufficient concerns about your progress at this stage. The ARCP is a mechanism for recording the review of a trainee’s progress.

ARCP requirements

The mainstay of the ARCP process is the Educational Supervisors Structured Report (ESSR). Trainees should ensure that they have completed this with their educational supervisor and had it reviewed by their Faculty Tutor two weeks before the date of the ARCP. Dual trainees who have spent most of the training year in the partner speciality will need to upload a copy of the ESSR from the partner speciality or a copy of evidence of an educational appraisal within two months.

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine curriculum contains a helpful ARCP decision aid. Trainees are required to provide all evidences mentioned on the Decision Aid for every year and stage of training.

A stage completion certificate will only be issue following a successful ARCP outcome.

Trainees on a dual training programme will have ICM ARCP every year of training, even though they have not spent the year in the ICM training per se.

It is expected that most of the ARCP will be undertaken in absentia. To facilitate this and allow the ARCP panel ease of access to the submitted evidences on the ePortfolio, trainees are advised to create a folder within their personal library, titled as the ARCP ‘year’, and file all evidences recommended by FICM ARCP Decision Aid inside this folder.

Dual trainees will also be required to upload relevant evidences from their partner speciality ePortfolio to the ICM ePortfolio in the folder as described above.

To find out more about ARCPs in KSS, visit the ARCP webpage.

Interim Reviews

Trainees’ interim review is an interview to review all the evidence in a trainee’s ePortfolio to ascertain their progress. If a trainee does not have good evidence of competencies, including the minimum numbers of assessments, the School will investigate the situation with the trainee’s local training faculty and they may be asked to attend a face-to-face ARCP.