ARCPs and interim reviews

Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

Trainees’ ARCPs will take place generally towards the end of the training year.  Your portfolio needs to be up to date two weeks before the ARCP, when the panel will review it and meet for an ARCP meeting.  Although this is an electronic process, you may be called for interview.

Trainees will be assessed for the time they have spent in programme at that level of training, i.e. if trainees are in the programme for only three months trainees will be expected to achieve competences relevant for that period of time. The ARCP replaces the old RITA process and is a mechanism for recording the review of a trainee’s progression through their training programme.

The ARCPs are centrally assessed by a panel consisting of the Head of School and/or TPD, lay chair, external representative and military or academic representative where required. Please note that registering with your specialty college is a Gold Guide requirement; please ensure you have registered before your forthcoming ARCP and speak to your local TPD/college tutor if you have any queries.

The dates for the Clinical Radiology ARCPS will be advertised to trainees via email. Please ensure that you do not book any leave on these dates. Specific time slots will be allocated nearer the time. As you will be given advanced notice of these essential dates, any failure to attend will only be accepted in highly exceptional circumstances and must be ratified by the Training Programme Directors (TPDs).

To find out more about ARCPs in KSS, visit the ARCP webpage.

ARCP advice 

1. Do not leave your assessments to the last minute!

2. Ensure your portfolio and CV are regularly kept up-to-date.

3. Talk to your educational supervisor early on if you are having difficulties.

4. Keep the school informed of any changes in contact details.

5. If your attendance is required at your ARCP, confirm your ability to attend as soon as possible.

6. It is your responsibility to know what will be assessed.

7. If you do not provide evidence by the ARCP date, you cannot be issued with a satisfactory outcome, without exception.

8. If you do not provide an updated Form R you will be issued with an outcome 5.

Interim Review

Trainees’ interim review is a face-to-face meeting to review all the evidence in the trainees portfolio pathway through their training year. This allows the panel to check trainees are on track for a satisfactory ARCP outcome. It also allows you the time to discuss your training and experience with the consultant who is not your assigned educational supervisor. Every trainee will be invited to attend an interim review half-way through the training year. The interim reviews will be held at a site within your placement region.

The School of Clinical Radiology expects that a minimum number of the following assessment tools are carried out by the time of your interim review. The expected competencies will reflect the stage you are at through your training year, and whether you are in full time or less than full time training. For example if your interim review is halfway through the year and you are a full time trainee you should have at least 50% of the assessments required for a satisfactory ARCP outcome.