Dual psychotherapy and general adult


Welcome to the KSS School of Psychiatry dual psychotherapy and general adult psychiatry training programme webpage. This training programme is led by Dr Sean Fernandez, Psychotherapy Lead. To find out more about his role, please visit the Meet the Team webpage.

Dual psychotherapy and general adult training is an exciting five year training opportunity for ST4 to ST9 leading to a dual CCT in General Adult Psychiatry and Medical Psychotherapy.

This training programme is delivered in Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. To find out more about this training location, please visit the Local Education Provider (LEPs) webpage.

The aim of the training programme is to integrate the practice of medical psychotherapy and general adult psychiatry, which we hope will provide the successful candidate with a wide range of skills and knowledge that will enable them to undertake work with the most challenging and complex patients, within a variety of clinical settings.

The training will run consecutively and is delivered as follows:

  • For the first three years the post holder will be attached to the Psychotherapy Service at Unither House, Chertsey.
  • Following this the trainee will spend two years on the general adult psychiatry rotation where they will have a choice of posts – it is mandatory to spend six months attached to a community psychiatric post and six months in an acute inpatient ward.

Learning and Teaching

Study leave will need to be agreed with the educational supervisor. After completion of three years in psychotherapy, trainees will be expected to join the general adult training where they will have a choice of posts available to them. As mentioned above, a six month post in community psychiatry and a six month post in inpatient psychiatry would be mandatory.  

Clinical supervision will also be provided by specialists in each therapeutic modality CBT, Systemic Family therapy and Group Analytic therapy. For the first three years the post holder will attend HST learning programme at Springfield Hospital with the HST trainees in psychotherapy attached to the SW London rotation.

The post holder will also attend the academic programme on Friday morning.

In terms of the post holder’s special interest whilst in psychotherapy, this would usually take the form of their personal therapy and time will be allocated to accommodate this within the timetable. However, if the post holder wishes to do a different special interest this will need to be discussed with their educational supervisor and clinical consultant. If agreed, they would still need to engage in personal therapy but in their own time.

To find out more about psychiatry opportunities in KSS, please visit the Teaching and Learning webpage.


The Research half day is negotiable based on needs of the trainee. Trainees are encouraged to undertake a Quality Improvement Project during their placement.

Opportunities for research are available and will be tailored to individual trainees’ needs.