Study leave

Study leave is leave that allows time, inside or outside of the workplace, for formal learning that meets the requirements of the curriculum and personalised training objectives. This includes but is not restricted to participation in:

  • study (linked to a course or programme)
  • research
  • teaching
  • taking examinations
  • attending conferences for educational benefit
  • rostered training events

Attendance at statutory and mandatory training (including any local departmental training) is not counted as study leave. This means you do not have to use your study leave to attend obligatory training.

30 days Pro Rata, to include 10 teaching days, 10 personal study days and 10 training days to be used for internal training or external training/courses or conferences. – If you are on a contract of employment of less than 12 months’ duration you are entitled to study leave on a pro rata basis. LTFT entitlement to study leave is calculated on a pro rata basis. If you are required to undertake a specific training course required by the curriculum, which exceeds your pro rata entitlement to study and /or professional leave, your employer is required make arrangements for additional study leave to be taken, provided that this can be done while ensuring safe delivery of services.

All study leave needs to be recorded and monitored.  Please complete a study leave request form Link HERE

National Study Leave Guidelines HERE

When approval for study leave is needed the TPD will follow the national guidance.  Any queries over Study Leave, the National Guidance will be followed.

International Study Leave  – see International Study leave Section in the guidance above.

International study leave is not an entitlement and, in general, should usually only be contemplated by exception.  Any international Study leave, attending any international conferences or international training must be requested and approved through the TPD and HoS.