Support and Guidance

Key local contacts and documents you will need for the Public Health Practitioner Programme.

Local Public Health Practitioner Support

Each area in Kent, Surrey and Sussex has a Public Health Development Lead whose role is to support Practitioners working on their portfolio. They can be contacted below:

UKPHR Information

UKPHR Framework and Guidance for Practitioner Registration

Describes the framework and process for gaining public health practitioner registration with UK Public Health Register (UKPHR). Includes guidance on the requirements for applicants, assessors and verifiers. It should be read in conjunction with the Supporting Information document.

UKPHR Supporting Information for Practitioner Registration

Information which helps practitioners to interpret the UKPHR Practitioner Standards. It will also be of use to Assessors and Verifiers to maintain consistent assessment.

UKPHR Practitioner registration Standards 2018

Describes the 34 Practitioner Standards. Applicants must demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and application of all the standards.

UKPHR 12 Essentials of Practitioner Registration

A quick reference document highlighting the key aspects which need to be followed for practitioner registration.

Practitioner Self-Assessment Form

The self-assessment template applicants must complete when they apply to join the Practitioner Scheme. Applicants assess their knowledge and its application against each of the standards.

HEW_ PH_Practitioner_SelfAssessment_Form

Competency Grid

Used to map Practitioner’s pieces of work they will write up for their commentaries. This ensures all standards and competencies are addressed.


Commentary Template

This template is provided to help Practitioners produce their commentaries for their portfolio.


Cohort 2 Timetable


This timeline is an internal working schedule for the Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) Public Health Practitioner Programme. It is intended for Public Health Practitioners on the Public Health Practitioner Programme. The timeline maybe subject to change in the event of sickness or any unforeseen circumstances. Any changes will be communicated to those on the practitioner programme. Please ensure that you check the website for the most updated information.

Testimonial and Reference Guidance

Provides information on testimonials and references. Practitioners need these to complete their portfolio. This is usually one of the last steps in the process for Practitioners.

HEW_PH_Practitioners_References Guidance

Glossary of Terms

A glossary to explain some of the terms and concepts used in the UKPHR practitioner standards. 

HEE Glossary of Terms

Interim Review Form

To be completed by Practitioners on the programme in advance of their Interim Review Meeting. Individual appointment times will be assigned to each Practitioner nearer the time by the Programme Coordinator. For further information about this please email

PHP Interim Review Form

Practitioners produce their portfolio as an e-portfolio. The e-portfolio system is provided by City and Guilds Learning Assistant. The link for the KSS e-Portfolio System is:

The following guides are available:

e-Portfolio User Guides for Practitioners

A step by step approach to using the e-portfolio including how to upload commentaries and evidence and much more.

e-Portfolio Video User Guides for Practitioners

e-Portfolio User Guides for Assessors

Information to support Assessors to undertake assessment in the e-portfolio system.

e-Portfolio Video User Guides for Assessors

e-Portfolio User Guides for Verifiers

Information to support Verifiers to undertake verification of assessment in the e-portfolio.

e-Portfolio Video User Guides for Verifiers

Continuing Professional Development Logs

Once a Practitioner is registered there is an ongoing requirement to ensure that they are keeping up to date with continuing professional development (CPD) and demonstrate that they continue to maintain their competence to practice public health. To find out more visit UKPHR.

CPD Log Template

A simple template for Practitioners to use to log their CPD and in order to submit it to UKPHR. Practitioners may also use their own CPD log if they have one.


Faculty of Public Health Tips on Writing Effective Reflective Notes

A useful guide produced by the Faculty of Public Health on how to write reflective notes which will be needed when reflecting on CPD.