About the school

The HEE KSS School of Surgery was founded in 2007 to support core surgical trainees and manage higher surgical training in the specialties of trauma and orthopaedics, general surgery, oral maxillofacial surgery, ear nose & throat surgery, vascular surgery and urology.

The School hopes that core trainees remain in the locality and progress on to higher surgical training within KSS. To facilitate this KSS trainees benefit from a highly dedicated team of trainers and support officers who manage and look after the trainees throughout their training journey. All surgical trainees within KSS are highly committed to training and this is reflected by the very high quality of the training programme directors in core surgery and higher surgical training.

The KSS School of Surgery continually develops and refines their training programmes which are guided by the feedback and ideas generated by our “trainees voice” through the surgical trainee representatives, who are key members of the Surgical Training Committee. Our trainees are passionate about continually improving our surgical training and the programme directors are constantly striving for the best educational opportunities and practices.

Surgery is a very popular specialty and remains competitive at entry levels.  We always have a 100% fill rates.  We also have a number of run through programmes in various specialties such as: