Spring Educator Training Courses

We have arranged the following training courses across a variety of areas with three external providers. These are Doctors Training Ltd, Dedici Ltd and Miad Healthcare. All of the sessions are virtual and run for a half-day or full day. Each course will expand when you click on the +, and provide more information about the specific course. The external providers are managing the booking and attendance, therefore please use the eventbrite links in each section for the courses you wish to attend. As we are informed about courses being fully booked we will endeavour to update this page.

Senior Educators Workshop – Careers Conversations | 29th March

Training Provider: Dedici Ltd

Date: 29th March 2023 Time: Half-day AM | 3 CPD Points


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By the end of session, delegates will be able to:

• Conduct a careers conversation with doctors in training and signpost further sources of information and guidance

Reflective Practice for Doctors | 29th March

Training Provider: Dedici Ltd

Date: 29th March 2023 Time: Half-day PM | 3 CPD Points

Book: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reflective-practice-for-doctors-pm-session-tickets-524745266217?aff=odcleoeventsincollection&keep_tld=1

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By the end of the half day workshop, delegates will be able to:

 Identify where doctors would normally reflect on their practice

 Define what reflective practice involves

 Undertake reflective conversations with others

 Construct reflections for appraisal portfolios

Mentoring & coaching | 31st March

Fully Booked

Training Provider: Miad Healthcare

Date: 31st March 2023 Time: 5 hours split between 10am-12:30pm and 2-4:30pm

5 external CPD points

Book: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mentoring-and-coaching-live-webinar-tickets-518579273567

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By the end of this programme you will understand a great deal more about the various roles and responsibilities of the mentor, supervisor and coach, and the differences between these. This course is also highly practical and interactive as you will explore different coaching and mentoring skills and when/how to apply these with your trainees.

·         Understand the purpose/responsibilities of mentor, supervisor and coach roles

·         Identify the differences/similarities between the roles, and when to employ each

·         Review the nature of the coaching and mentoring relationships

·         Examine key coaching and mentoring skills

·         Practice the skills using the GROW model

·         Explore different coaching styles and when to apply them

·         Discuss career development issues relating to mentoring