Simulation training delivered to support critical care transfers

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This month a multi-professional team of educators, supported by HEE SE worked together to deliver a simulation-based learning event for managing the transfer of critical care patients. The event was designed to use cutting-edge simulation to deliver a learner-centric programme, exploring aspects of transfer medicine, human factors, and emergency for the team of paramedics and emergency care technicians in the rescue team.

During COVID-19, there has been increasing demand to move critically unwell patients from one critical care site to another to provide more specialist care.

Critical care transfers between hospitals are frequently time-critical, high-risk episodes of care for unstable patients who require urgent lifesaving intervention. The development and training of a dedicated critical care transfers service and the team is an attempt to improve safety and efficacy for patients across the region.

Louise Gale, a paramedic veteran who joined the critical care transfer service team and helped design the learning event, said, “the simulation training was important in helping paramedics become more confident in using new equipment. They also improved their clinical skills and ability to practice some of the more common emergencies that arise when transferring critically ill patients”.

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