Teaching and Learning

Regional training days

There will be at least four pan-KSS regional training days throughout the training year in addition to weekly local teaching at your (or a neighbouring) trust.  Attendance at teaching is expected in order to achieve a successful outcome at ARCP.

To attend a regional training day trainees should book study leave with their trusts according to their notice period, usually a minimum of six or eight weeks. If trainees are unable to attend, they must let their school know a valid reason for non-attendance. If Trusts cannot release trainees from a service commitment then this should be discussed with the educational supervisor, college tutor or the training programme director. On-call commitments shouldn’t get in the way of attending teaching sessions.

Regional training days should be booked through the School of Ophthalmology and can be found on the KSS events calendar webpage.

Other teaching opportunities

Innovative teaching opportunities guided by feedback and ideas generated by trainees include:

  • Cataract simulation days for ST1s
  • Trabeculectomy Wetlabs
  • Oculoplastic Wetlabs
  • Squint Surgery Wetlabs
  • Multidisciplinary team simulation days
  • Laser simulation training aids

The School has an EyeSi simulator and a number of sites are spearheading the development of Simulated Ocular Surgery training.  The aims of our simulation strategy are to improve local access and support trainees returning to training after a period away from training.