Teaching and Learning


As a trainee you will be expected to attend a set number of regional training days (RTDs) throughout the training year in addition to local teaching at your trust. It is mandatory to attend the RTDs you are offered, and each school will have a minimum number of events you are expected to attend in order to achieve a successful outcome at your ACRP. Your attendance or non-attendance at each event will be recorded throughout the year and made available to the ARCP panel.


Please book your study leave with the Medical Education Team at your Trust according to their notice period, usually a minimum of six weeks. If you are unable to attend, you must give your school a valid reason for non-attendance. This may include:

  • your trust being unable to release you from service (if this occurs, please contact your Training Programme Director)
  • pre-booked leave
  • illness/bereavement/special leave
  • exams
  • working nights

HEE KSS School of Medicine delivers six or seven RTDs per annum. RTDs are an adjunct to practical experience, serving to clarify and illuminate the links between theory and practice, whilst stimulating further learning. All RTDs cover a different area of the Core curriculum. It is mandatory to attend a minimum of 60% of the RTDs. Attendance rates feed into the annual ARCP. If a trainee does not comply with the minimum attendance percentage, a satisfactory outcome will not be awarded. You are encouraged to book study leave as soon as you receive notice that the booking site is open.

Please note: Strike days or any other day which you have sent valid apologies for will be removed from the figures when calculating your percentage attendance for the year.

How do I book onto RTDs?

Regional training days should be booked through the School of Medicine and can be found on the KSS events calendar webpage.

Attendance Certificates

These will only be issued at the time of ARCP and will list all events attended in the training year. We do not issue individual certificates.