About the School

The life of a physician is a truly stimulating combination of science, art and detective work – all against a backdrop of multi-professional team working and the great challenges presented by our ageing population. This is framed by rising patient expectations, which we rightly aspire to meet and exceed.

The KSS School of Medicine will equip you for service innovation and will develop your specialist expertise in your chosen field as you experience life working and learning in some of our great hospitals and communities. Even though our training programme provides the ideal environment for specialisation, don’t be put off becoming a generalist within physician training. Your patients and the NHS really do want and value you for those very skills.

We are continuing to develop our programmes, guided by the feedback and ideas generated by our trainees. New developments include:

  • a free registrar-ready course for our CMT Year 2 trainees so as to equip them better for the role of the medical registrar
  • an Annual Education Fellow post at the RCP Education department
  • additional funding for improve your teaching days and leadership days
  • increased MRCP PACES teaching across the region
  • expansion of regional training days in Internal Medicine and research presentations
  • bespoke survey of Higher specialty trainees with a rapid response to the feedback

Development of our programmes is led with our thriving group of trainee representatives who are at the heart of everything we do. Along with local supervisors and the Training Programme Directors they constantly refine and strive for the best educational opportunities and practice. They are supported by the excellent School of Medicine Specialty Workforce Team (SWT) and the School of Medicine team.

KSS Medicine Training Programmes