Role Development Opportunities for ESTABLISHED Clinical Supervisors

As an established CS you will now be familiar with how to supervise your trainees and also how to fulfil your mandatory appraisal requirements in this role (if you are unsure please visit the ‘new CSs’ part of this page). We hope you are now thinking about moving up to Tier 3 and becoming an educational supervisor, with a wider and more holistic remit for supporting your trainees as they develop in their career.

In order to progress to ES we suggest you might like to:

  • – browse the e-lfH catalogue for ideas on areas of medical education development
  • – ask your PGME department about local processes for becoming an ES
  • – There is no substitute for talking to a more experienced educator to help you to decide which educational skills you feel you need to develop, for example your local faculty group lead (college tutor) or other local educationalist.
  • – have a look at the ES role description in the Tier 3 section of this website and check out the KSS guide on how to become an ES.

It also might be the case that you are happy in your role as CS with no wish to change role, so in this situation you will need to complete mandatory appraisal requirements in your role (which are detailed in the ‘role description and appraisal requirements’ section of this site) and ensure you have a PDP in this area of your scope of work to discuss at your regular appraisal.