Educator MSF

The educator multisource feedback tool

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This tool supports educators’ practice and educational appraisal in the same way as the colleague MSF tool supports clinical practice and informs appraisal.

  • Have you ever wondered how effective a supervisor you are? 
  • Are you curious about whether there might be a gap between your intentions and the actual perceptions of your trainees?
  • Would you like constructive feedback on your strengths as a supervisor, together with potential areas for development?

Supervision is central to the success of clinical education and training.  The online multisource feedback tool (MSF) has been specifically designed to give supervisors the opportunity to get individual feedback from their learners on the quality of their supervision, in exactly the same way as the colleague MSF which supports clinical appraisal is used to gain feedback on clinical practice.

The benefits for supervisors

  • Useful structured feedback to help you improve as a supervisor
  • Evidence for your supervisor’s portfolio, appraisal and revalidation
  • A structured report containing mean scores and anonymised written comments
  • A free, quick and easy to use online system that can be accessed anywhere, any time
  • An unlimited resource that can be re-visited and used on an ongoing basis

The benefits for trainees

  • An opportunity to provide constructive feedback to your supervisor
  • An opportunity to reflect on how supervision helps you
  • Evidence of participation in quality assurance systems as required by healthcare regulators
  • A useful means of considering approaches to supervision styles in the context of your own future personal development 

‘What are the downsides?’

There aren’t any! This is confidential – the results come directly to you and you can use the results as you wish. It is free. It takes 5 minutes to sign up and nominate your trainees.