Faculty Development – A Tiered Approach

The KSS tiers system for secondary care faculty development offers tailored career guidance and advice for educators at all levels of their educator journey.

It is designed to make it clear for educators what each role involves: what needs to be done to satisfy appraisal requirements in each role: and suggestions for educational CPD to fulfil these requirements. By browsing the information for the next tier, educators wanting to progress their educational careers can pick and choose appropriate CPD in order to prepare for taking on a more senior role, but there is no requirement to move on when an educator reaches the tier that suits them.

This web resource is mainly aimed at secondary care but GPs are very welcome to use it. Resources for faculty development in primary care in KSS can be found at Becoming a Primary Care Supervisor – Working across Kent, Surrey and Sussex (hee.nhs.uk)

All the resources on the website are open to all tiers of educators unless explicitly stated otherwise.