(KSS, Anaes, RTD, 2021) PLan A to D Blocks + General Emergencies ST5+(07 Jun 2021)

  • Anaesthesia

KSS IMT Regional Training Day – Gastroenterology(08 Jun 2021)

To register, please visit the HEE London and South East PGMDE Events Booking Portal.

  • Internal Medicine Training

Pan London and KSS Respiratory Medicine Regional Training Day – ILD SpR Training Day(08 Jun 2021)

Virtual via MS Teams

Please click here to register for this event.  You will receive an MS Teams link to join the training session two days […]

(Pan London Haematology Teaching Session 2021) Systemic mastocytosis teaching session(08 Jun 2021)

  • Haematology,
  • Pathology

(Pan London & KSS Immunology Regional Training Session 2021) Immunology Regional Training Session(08 Jun 2021)

  • Immunology

Palliative Medicine training day(09 Jun 2021)

Please click on the link below to register for this day. An attendance certificate will be issued to those who have […]

  • Palliative Medicine

Hope and Optimism wellbeing webinar(09 Jun 2021)

Virtual Wellbeing Programme for RTP Doctors. 

  • Supported Return to Training

(KSS, Core Surgery, RTD 2021) – Orthopaedics Teaching: Shoulder Injuries (Via Zoom)(10 Jun 2021)

Virtual Via Zoom
  • Surgery

(KSS, Anaes, RTD, 2021) Trauma and Major Incidents ST5-ST7 (Via MS Teams)(11 Jun 2021)

  • Anaesthesia

KSS IMT Practical Skills Course(12 Jun 2021)

The Internal Medical Practical Skills course is designed for doctors entering internal medical training. HEKSS recognises the importance of ensuring […]

  • Internal Medicine Training

(KSS, Core Surgery, RTD 2021) – Urology Simulation day for Core Trainees(14 Jun 2021)

Education centre Tunbridge Wells Hospital Tonbridge Road Pembury Tunbridge Wells Kent TN2 4QJ 
  • Surgery

(Pan-Thames & KSS, ENT RTD 2021) – ENT Investigations (Via MS Teams)(14 Jun 2021)

Virtual via MS Teams
  • Surgery